Adieu Rivigo!

After almost 3 years at Rivigo, I am looking to begin my new journey at Harness.

Rivigo was an amazing journey as you would expect out of a startup. Global trucking revenue pool is close to USD 2 trillion dollars which is about 20X the cab market revenue pool. Even in the developed market such as US, it is a highly fragmented and antiquated business which lacks use of technology and data. I built some of the most sophisticated technology, filing 3 patents in this area that includes network relay model, fuel analytics & optimization, resource allocation & optimization, human behaviour analysis, time continuums, line haul planning. This is the plan that I laid out at the beginning and wrote about data disruption in trucking.

Here are some of the blogs that describes some part of the work in details (updated) –

I built a team of about 100+ top notch engineers (from just one), and I am proud of leaving Rivigo with 100+ great friends and colleagues!

More on Harness later.

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