The future of transport is closer than you think!

Posted in Disruption Opportunities, Driverless, Internet of Things (IoT)

A convoy of truck recently traveled in Europe as part of the European Truck Platooning Challenge. One of the convoys traveled more than 2,000 KMs platooning where ever possible with all driverless trucks following the lead truck with a driver inside.

The driverless trucks open up several possibilities including higher utilization of inventory, lower fuel consumption (which is a bug cost) and less human errors leading to overall safety and better efficiency in the system.


This week as part of Kista Mobility Week Program, Ericsson is offering test rides of driverless buses from and to Kista Galleria in Sweden.This is a very interesting demonstration of what is possible around future transport.

The transportation industry is huge both in volume and financial terms. And it is witnessing massive disruption that will change the way people and goods get transported. I am very excited about the kind of technology, intelligence and innovation that it will require to build such a system and operate at a scale.