The future of transport is closer than you think!

A convoy of truck recently traveled in Europe as part of the European Truck Platooning Challenge. One of the convoys traveled more than 2,000 KMs platooning where ever possible with all driverless trucks following the lead truck with a driver inside.

The driverless trucks open up several possibilities including higher utilization of inventory, lower fuel consumption (which is a bug cost) and less human errors leading to overall safety and better efficiency in the system.


This week as part of Kista Mobility Week Program, Ericsson is offering test rides of driverless buses from and to Kista Galleria in Sweden.This is a very interesting demonstration of what is possible around future transport.

The transportation industry is huge both in volume and financial terms. And it is witnessing massive disruption that will change the way people and goods get transported. I am very excited about the kind of technology, intelligence and innovation that it will require to build such a system and operate at a scale.

5 thoughts on “The future of transport is closer than you think!

    • I think this space will evolve. The transition will be part manual and part automated like the European convoy where the first truck was driven by a driver and the other two trucks were following it.

      This is an area where not much automation has happen and is bound to change.

  1. Yes it will certainly evolve with time but only where things are more predictable. Long way to go in India. Even if toll booths get automated lot time can be reduced. China has done quite well on this front. Thanks

    • Yes, India needs to take one step at a time. This is where Rivigo is taking the leadership in exploring several technology opportunities to make the transformation faster and efficient.

  2. In US being a truck dirver is the most common job in 45 of the 50 states. Furthermore due to minimum wage guarantees the cost of transport is higher there. Automation at this level will probably help US but for india – where the wages are already low this might not make a lot of business sense .
    Also here trucks have to stop for toll, inter state checking etc.
    Having said all of that – automation is certainly the future .. that is where the humanity is headed.

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