Uber, Please Simplify Airport Booking!

I am a frequent Uber customer but I always find it difficult to book an Uber cab from the Bangalore airport. The reason is simple – poor internet connectivity at the airport arrival area. Since the app does not behave well with the limited connectivity, I always end up using an alternative. This must be a problem for many other passengers as well and lost customer opportunities for Uber.

On the flip side, if I am an Uber cab driver, I will prefer not to pick passengers for airport drop-off because I will find it difficult to get a return trip from the airport. Double whammy.

What if Uber builds an airport button that can fast-track the entire booking process? Why does it need to find so many vehicles that are available, then show it on the map and then allow the booking process? That just uses lot of bandwidth and takes time. I really don’t care to see which cab I am booking. I just want to know if there is a cab that gets booked and I can head home as fast as possible. Uber can always build intelligence on the cab inventory at the airport and use it while booking.

Less internet usage with faster booking process!

One thought on “Uber, Please Simplify Airport Booking!

  1. they should essentially have a way to repeat travel request .
    the system will internally check on cab availability for the same type of cab (or higher if not available) and respond.
    Building an airport button when you are leaving the airport might not be very helpful.

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