Adieu Adobe!

[The post is late by a month nevertheless here it goes…]

After 11 years with Adobe, it is time for me to look at new beginning with newer opportunities outside Adobe. Today, the technology is evolving to become a mainstream driver for new business model that were not possible in the past. I am very keen to get into that space, where you are not just selling technology but using it to bring about a change at a very fundamental level – change in people’s behaviour, disrupting the way things happen while creating a great business opportunity.

Unfortunately, this also mean an end to my long journey with Adobe. I will miss all the great things that I have accomplished with my team, the great friendship that I have built and building something long lasting and helping customers being successful. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with many smart people outside and @Adobe and wish ColdFusion and Adobe all the best!

I have joined Rivigo and excited about leading logistics innovation at Rivigo. More on that later!

6 thoughts on “Adieu Adobe!

  1. Hi Hemant,

    Thank you very much for giving much of your life to advancing ColdFusion. I remember many good discussions in the PR forums. Rivigo learned your “Law of Hiring” and will improve their team’s average performance 🙂 Best of luck in your new adventures and maybe you can promote ColdFusion in your new adventures.


    • Thanks Aaron. You have been a real CF rockstar for so many years and I always enjoyed our conversations and meeting you at various conferences. Thanks for making it easy to build a great product with your suggestions and feedback over the years.

    • Yes, the trip was absolutely fantastic. Thinking about being with 6 different people from six different countries travelling around Europe was an experience of its own.

      Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions that helped improve the product. Keep rocking!

  2. +1 to what Aaron and Guust have said. Will really miss you and your contribution to the CF team. And indeed, will long have memories of the CF10 European bus tour that we and a few others…um…enjoyed. Hey, it was a bus tour. At least we know what some real rock and rollers go through! 🙂 But wishing you the best in your new endeavors, of course. Hope somehow our paths may cross again.

    • Absolutely! The bus tour was special, meeting everyone and touring like rockstars! I have always looked forward to meet you in any CF conference that I have travelled to and enjoyed our conversation. Thanks for being the torch bearer of ColdFusion knowledge and helping numerous people from community. ColdFusion could not have been successful without you!

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