How to destroy an expensive marketing campaign – Cadbury story

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Cadbury, India’s #1 chocolate brand relaunched its Bournville brand of dark chocolates in India in 2009. This was backed by a campaign with a punchline of  “You don’t buy a Bournville you earn it” .

They used a tv commercial showing an American travel host speaking to the camera in the village of Bournville in Britain. The commercial was aired extensively in India and I think it was very well done. It was also successful in the sense that the punchline did find its place in the long term memory storage of many folks and people started associating the Bournville brand with the idea of earning it!

But very recently Cadbury released an offer of free Bournville with Dairy Milk Silk.


I don’t know if Bournville is a commercial success or not but Cadbury has ruined the entire brand perception that they created with their campaign.

You no longer need to earn Bournville, you get it for free! What a waste.


What entrepreneurs can learn from the regrets of the dying

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There is something very interesting for entrepreneurs to learn from Ms. Bronnie Ware, a woman who worked for years with the dying and wrote a list of the top 5 regrets people say aloud on their deathbed.


1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
Go chase your dreams!

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.
How about working smartly and still having time for family.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
Most of us are entrapped with this regret to some extent. Whatever you do but just don’t settle for mediocre existence.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
Build relationships. Both for professional and personal well being. Most successful and happy people live on strong relationships.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.
As most entrepreneur will say – Enjoy the journey. It is really up to you.

I guess the leanings are for everyone. The lesser regrets you have in your life, the more enjoyable it is.

Why buying a camera or a printer or even a laptop is still difficult?

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In this age of internet where information is available at your fingertips, you would expect making a buying decision like buying a camera or a printer or even a notebook would be easy from a large choice that exist today?

EPSON scanner image

Sadly, it isn’t. At least not for me when I was recently on a similar decision path. There are many instances when I see my friends on social media just asking for a direct help and advice, in case someone has already made a decision and they can just follow the advice. Hours of search and research and reading reviews leads to nothing but a feeling of exasperation. It feels as if you will always miss out on something or miss a great deal (that is round the corner) that you have not think about and as a result feel bad about making a decision.

The more I think, I feel the market has become highly commoditized where differentiation is becoming difficult even by the so called experts and website. Understanding differentiation based on product features ain’t easy – and knowing which product features to base your decision on is very complex and complicated.

The only true differentiation that most people can understand is “Price”. Not surprising to see price being a crucial factor in such a complicated decision making process.

Details about a billion phone numbers can be accessed by anyone!

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A colleague pointed out about a crowdsourced phone directory app Truecaller that allows you to find name against a given phone number in any country. Some of us gathered near the colleague’s workstation and it was fun to input your and your friends number to see what (interesting) names are returned by the app.


This is how it works. Once you install the app on your phone, it takes your address book and stores it with itself. All users address book is then combined to return you the result.

But soon we all realized how this can seriously intrude your privacy without your knowledge and permission to share your number.


You can actually pay a small fees and request for contact information by name anywhere in the world!

In principle, building a telephone directory is not a bad idea. I also like the way crowding model is used to build information set that can help, for example, to identify calls from unknown numbers. However the app adds your name and number without your but someone else’s permission. Kinda scary.

What do you guys think?

Hi There!

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Hello everyone! I have described my thoughts on what Crunchy Friday is all about here.

Most of all, when I was first starting to think about finding time for doing some fun and crazy stuff with my partner in crime, Rupesh, the name “Crunchy Friday” just stuck with me. And as a followup I thought of using this brand to share some of my learning, experiences, connect with people and also learn from them.

So, let me know your thoughts!