Facebook Page report – How much data can you really digest?

I was recently playing with Facebook page report and could not help noticing the endless number of sheets that are present in the downloaded Excel file.

The excel file contains 63 sheets with one of them having 75 columns of data. Most other sheets have 6-10 columns. Roughly 500 data points that are available to you to analyze and compare. Ironically, the sheet with 75 columns is labelled “Key metrics”!

too much data

I tried of thinking of ways where I would need information from all data points. I think this is too much information that is presented in a way that makes any analysis difficult. Can you really digest so much information? How do you deal with such large data sets? Ignore it? Create a coefficient out of it?

My topmost key information is “People Talking about This” (PTT) that encapsulates following actions by user:

– Like your page
– Posts to your page wall
– Likes, comments on or shares on page posts
– Answers a question you posted
– Mentions your page
– Tags your page

What interesting data points that you have found in Facebook report? Should Facebook cut down on some of the irrelevant data points that no one ever cares about?

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