Happy Birthday ColdFusion!

The very first version of ColdFusion was released 20 years ago. Since then ColdFusion has ensured that the platform remains relevant to the needs of modern web application development. It has been an amazing journey and the secret sauce for its success over the years has been its ability to make hard things easy and the incredible passion shown by the product team and CF community.


I personally feel proud to be part of this journey for more than half of its life (10+ years) helping steer the ship beginning with setting up the team in India office and then successfully shipping version 8, 9, 10 & 11 of the product along with several updaters and updates. During this time, the team also created a grounds-up implementation of IDE – ColdFusion Builder, Cloud version, CF Mobile application development platform.

A very happy 20th birthday to ColdFusion and wish it can continue to delight the customers by making hard things easy and keeping the passion alive!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ColdFusion!

  1. Yippeee !! 12 years back, I started my career, CFML was the language that I started programming with and CF 6. At that time, I was told by other IT veteran that this technology will be dead soon ! And look where is CF today and still going strong ! It has be the team which kept it alive and poured in essential ingredients to keep it hale and hearty all these years ! It’s rare in technology world for a product to remain so lively, and if one does then, it is for sure has to be in the league of legendary products like Photoshop etc. So congratulations to all team members, a Strong and passionate CF customer community, and best wishes !

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