How to effectively convert product pitch into user interface

Do you find yourself spending and wasting lot of time in designing that perfect user interface for your startup idea? Well, here is an idea that can help shorten the process.

1. Practice your story

Yes. The better you become telling your story the better you will be able to create user experience for your initial set of customers. Trying to design user interfaces too soon before you are comfortable with the pitch and able to explain the pitch easily to your customers will most likely result in a wasted effort.

2. Explore several themes

Instead of trying to design the user interface from scratch, try to look at several themes that are already available. You can look at some of the bootstrap themes to explore how well you can create workflow and conversations with your customers. And do not lose sight on first time user experiences because being a startup you are not dealing with many upgrade customers but many first time customers. There will be time for designing user interface for expert users only after you have your initial set. is a good resource to help you know good and bad experiences.

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