Rivigo Hero’s Journey (RHJ)- Embark on a life changing experience

Hero’s journey vs leadership program

‘Hero’s Journey’ program at Rivigo (based on the work done by Joseph Campbell many centuries ago) is a two-year life changing experience is aimed at unleashing the potential of the talent we hire by facilitating them with unique and challenging work experiences and a conducive environment. This program is uniquely different from other leadership programs and is built on the following principles –

  • Heroes aspire for the “unattainable”; Leaders aspire for the “best”
  • Heroes develop an irrefutable inner strength and power; Leaders develop strength and power to create impact
  • Heroes are perfectionists; Leaders better previous work
  • Heroes thrive on challenges and obstacles; Leaders manage/avoid challenges and obstacles
  • Heroes are hugely inspirational and help people discover their own path to success; Leaders lead people through a common and well laid path

The hero’s journey is a program to develop a new set of heroes, who will go on solve complex problems, become entrepreneurs and CEO’s and help build a better India and a world

Rivigo – A natural world for heroes

Rivigo wants to open up the path toward accomplishing whatever you feel compelled to do in your own life. We have an absolute confidence in the ability of humans to overcome anything. Rivigo provides a truly diverse experience from managing truckers to building breakthrough technology products. It has set new global standards of excellence in delivery times, business scale up, infrastructure, project execution and in everything we’ve done so far. Rivigo is here to mentor and nurture heroes who can challenge the status quo, rewrite the game, push the boundaries, expand the horizon, think the unthinkable, solve unsolvable problems and improve lives of our people, clients in their quest to become their own best.

Rivigo ensures that this journey is intense yet reflective; engaging yet fun; tough yet protective in order to bring the best out of its people. It is a journey of crossing the threshold between the unknown and known in us not only to leave our mark on the world, but to make it a better place. So, here’s a call for adventure!

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Reproduced from linkedin article by Deepak Garg, founder & CEO, Rivigo.

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