Time is ripe for more On demand TV in India – Tata Sky story

Anyone who is using cable TV services from Tata Sky is familiar with this screen. When it rains, you lose the signal. In the world of internet connectivity of 4G and beyond, this is just unacceptable.

Tata Sky

So why people are still hooked to cable services in India? Its cheaper. Monthly subscription is INR 500 ( < $10) with almost unlimited channels. The other one being low penetration of internet bandwidth and on-demand options.

However in a country like US, 7 in 10 TV households have a DVR, subscribe to Netflix, or use Video-on-demand (VOD) from a cable or telco provider, per new data from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), with about 1 in 10 using all three services. 61% of all cable subscribers have used VOD — compared to 43% in 2008, and 10% in 2004.

I consider areas where customers continue to use product and services despite poor quality of service as having the highest potential for disruptive opportunities.

I do not have current data on cable and VOD viewership in India but with services of existing cable service provides, on demand TV adoption for on demand TV can only accelerate.

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