What do you want to be in your career?

Career development is a challenging problem to solve for most individual themselves as well as managers on behalf of their team. Many individuals find it difficult to clearly define their career aspirations and what opportunities or possibilities are available to them. One of my friends after attending a staff meeting of several managers said – “It is tough for all managers to get career development goal from their team members and I was thinking it was just me.”

This issue compounds for managers as they have to think on their team’s behalf – what is best for them and what aspiration do they have. The message is simple – you have to think about your own career development choices. But how? I created a short survey to find out more about people’s career aspiration and what the trend is.

I need your help in filling a 7-question survey on career aspiration. Here is the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GG36D2J


If it takes more than 5 minutes, I owe you a beer. Make sure to leave a comment 🙂

Update: Thanks to everyone for filling the survey. The current average time for filling the survey is around 3 minutes. No pressure 🙂

4 thoughts on “What do you want to be in your career?

  1. Me, We, Our..This is a concept which will work if practiced diligently, whether for career or for life…Me (Personal Development), every day I shall improve from what I did the previous day…We (Development of all those whom I come across)..every day I shall strive to improve the lives of all those whom I come across..Our (Organizational Development)..every day I shall strive to improve my Organization…This works well with the Performance Equation i.e., Effort X Ability X Enabler.. I put effort, I strive to improve my abilities and I become the enabler…

    If every career aspirant learns this mantra..we will have better and easier appraisal mechanisms.

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