Which has more lines of code – Windows or Mac OSX?

If you ever wondered how many lines of code are there in your favorite app, checkout the infographics by Information is beautiful.

And yes, Mac OSX has more lines of code than any Windows OS! Do not miss the last application shown in the infograph.


One popular notion in software industry is that “the more code you write, the more bugs you end up with”.¬†What does this data say about the quality of these apps?

Some of you may wonder if these apps can be written with much denser code. There are many reasons why that may not be practically possible – primarily to make applications extensible and maintainable. The other reasons for bloated code can simply be poor programming.

However, we will never know that. I don’t think a tool or benchmark exists that can tell a project manager if an application can be written with fewer lines of code. Even if it does, do you really care?

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