4 tips from an eight year old to become a star performer

Kids keep it nice and simple – most parents of young kids will vouch for that.

This is how my 8 year old girl summarized a book on legendary women tennis player Steffi Graf.

Steffi Graf - How she became a star

So, what professionals need to do to become stars?

1. Play well – Do your work to the best of your ability. You need to demonstrate what you have got.

2. Work hard – Easier said than done. Perhaps some amount of planning is always helpful to make it a bit smarter.

3. Enjoy – Very important. Many researchs have proved that there is a direct correlation between productivity and having fun. I have written three articles on this topic. What makes us feel good about our work, Guiding principles on work-life balance and Whopping 87% of employees worldwide are dis-engaged in their jobs!

4. Listen carefully – Well the idea is to learn. And to learn not only you need to keep your eyes and ears open, you need to have an open mind to be able to take the feedback about your mistakes. All great athletes have this quality.

This book is part of my recently purchased books for kids. See details here.

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