Guiding principles on work-life balance

There are umpteen articles available on work-life balance but the latest one from HBR is bang on target. The five themes mentioned in the article can be effectively used as guiding principles to achieve a good work-life balance.

1. Define success for yourself – This finally boils down to how much time you want to spend with your family and kids versus achieving your professional goals.

2. Selective travel or relocation for work – If you have family, this is tricky. If your partner is working, it can be complicated. Can you move easily for the next promotion or work opportunity?

3. Manage technology usage – Do you want to access office mails while having dinner with your family? Are you available 24×7 for your work?

4. Build support networks – This is applicable both at work as well as home. I guess this cannot be compromised on both the fronts if you want to lead a quality life and achieve professional success.

5. Collaborating with your partner – Again this is mandatory. If you are not collaborating with your partner in decisions that impact them, you may not have a partner for long!


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