Let 2014 be a year of hope!

If you follow Indian politics, the latter half of last year was fascinating. For the first time, millions of Indian are able to hope that they can bring about a real change in the political system that directly and indirectly impacts their life. An anti-corruption movement that started couple of years ago turned into a revolution where a new political party came to center-stage with the promise of clean and transparent politics. Let 2014 be a year where hopes and aspirations of millions of people are fulfilled.


What am I hoping from 2014? I hope 2014 will bring new and helpful innovation to common people in rural, healthcare and social space in India. I hope many organizations working in this field will finally be able to achieve the penetration and impact they dream of with the advent of technology in mobile, cloud and data sciences. Let 2014 be a year where technology can fulfill its promise to masses on a very large scale in India and around the world!

I am sure all of you will have more aspirations, hopes, resolutions and plans for the new year – I certainly do. As one of my friends posted – “Let 2014 be full of mistakes and surprises both pleasant & unpleasant. U turns and dead ends too… Just not the same ones as 2013 – OK?”

Wish all of you a happy new year, let 2014 be a year of hope!

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