Real state performance for housing market

The Economist published a study on appreciation of house-price in last few years. The data for most developed countries is available from 1975 but for India it is available from 2011 year onward.

So, if you are invested in property market in India recently or are interested in knowing how you property has appreciated in recent times, I have prepared a quick summary –

1. The nominal increase in house price in India is 25% since 2011.

2. Not surprisingly, inflation has eater away much of the gains resulting in just 2.4% price appreciation in real terms.

3. Year 2013 is significantly bad in India with 7% yearly decrease in first three quarters. However, housing price in US has actually grown by 7% during the same time.

house price

This measurement is in real terms meaning it takes into account the effects of inflation on purchasing power.The city wise data drill down is available for USA but not other countries. I guess, India is not really as thorough in collecting house-price data as other important indicators like price against rents (to gauge return on real state investment) and price against average income (to measure affordability) are missing.

Here is the direct link to the charts.