Amagi – Glass to Glass Media Connect!

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The demand for digital content creation is set to drive the global market, with a projected CAGR of approximately 15% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. By 2028, the market is anticipated to reach a value of approximately USD 30 billion. This growth is attributed to the rising demand for digital content across diverse business sectors. One particular area witnessing a surge in content and viewership is sports. There is a growing appetite for sports-related content, ranging from major global events to local competitions. Additionally, news content, including both breaking news and localized updates, is experiencing a substantial increase in viewership. Furthermore, genres such as documentaries are also gaining popularity among audiences.

Simultaneously, what we are witnessing today is a generation shift in how content is getting consumed. Consumers want to consume content in the format that they love, on the screen of their choice and want to decide how they want to pay for watching the content. This increase in the content consumption spectrum has resulted in several new distribution platforms, be it OTT, subscription based or free advertisement based consumption platforms.

Amagi is on a mission to connect the explosion of content creation with the emerging distribution platforms of the future. This exciting technological transformation is occurring at the intersection of video and cloud, opening up new possibilities and opportunities for content delivery and new monetization models.

The success of content lies in its ability to establish genuine connections with the intended audience. Therefore, it is essential for content creators, whether they are TV channels, OTT platforms, or movie production companies, to continuously evaluate the content preferences of their viewers. By staying updated on the content that people are currently consuming, creators can ensure their stories resonate and engage with the target audience effectively.

This connected engagement – from your video camera to a consumer screen – glass-to-glass experience, is what will drive the future of media industry and Amagi is positioned to play a pivotal role in defining this future.

I am very excited to join Amagi and be a part of this journey! It presents a significant opportunity and a fresh challenge for me. Throughout my previous experiences, I have actively participated in the early stages of multiple startups such as Pramati, Rivigo, and Harness, where I played a pivotal role in their remarkable evolution into unicorn companies. Additionally, I have also gained valuable insights from working at established companies like Adobe, which have well-established processes for ensuring product success and agility. However, Amagi finds itself in a unique phase of its journey. It has undergone rapid growth in recent years, assembled an excellent team, and is currently poised for the next phase of expansion and scaling. This particular journey holds immense potential for transformation, empowering change and nurturing extraordinary growth.

Marketing with LinkedIn

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I recently came across The 2013 LinkedIn Marketing Guide. It is a well written article highlighting recent changes made to their platform for both professionals and companies.

My own experience, having worked on Social Media strategy for some time, is that LinkedIn is an excellent tool for brand exposure for companies. It provides excellent opportunities to promote your personal and business brand to communities and contacts. However, in the areas of customer engagement and driving traffic to your site it does a fair job, Facebook and Twitter are better channels.

My pet peeve with new LinkedIn experience is regarding skills & expertise section.


Once you are popped with an above dialog, just like a typical product install, the chances are that you will click the above button without much bother to edit or delete what you are endorsing. So for someone to later on see all your endorsements, it is really what LinkedIn thinks about you and not what your professional contacts think about you. For LinkedIn, it may work as a great search and find tool but in my opinion, erodes the value of skill and expertise section.

The following dialog presents another related issue.linkedin2

And problem here is much worse. The choice offered around topmost core skill still needs refinement. Knowing all the four guys closely, I feel it is a wrong choice to offer.  It is so easy to press “endorse all 4” button leading to bump in non-core skills.

Overall it is good to see LinkedIn improve their platform to play an important role in SoMe space. Much work is still left.

Pen is getting mightier than sword, again!

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Adobe sneaked project Mighty and project Napoleon at Adobe Max yesterday. A nice slick video is available on YouTube here.


I am very impressed by the thought leadership that Adobe has exhibited here. This opens up tremendous opportunity for kind of applications that can be possible. And not just that, it opens up market for lot more people to get into the creative world.

Last year I was working on my own fun project called Stook (Story Book) and it originated from a simple request from my daughter to help her understand what gravity is all about. I realize if I can draw few pictures, perhaps her favorite toys and explain her the concept in an easy to visualize way. This surely opens up avenues for many such capabilities.

You can sign up for more information on the projects here.

Hi There!

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Hello everyone! I have described my thoughts on what Crunchy Friday is all about here.

Most of all, when I was first starting to think about finding time for doing some fun and crazy stuff with my partner in crime, Rupesh, the name “Crunchy Friday” just stuck with me. And as a followup I thought of using this brand to share some of my learning, experiences, connect with people and also learn from them.

So, let me know your thoughts!